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SR-71 SpeedServer™ ion's all-SSD Server

For more than 10 years, ion's SR-71 SpeedServer™ family was on the cutting edge of servers with very high speed storage performance: an all SSD server optimized to deliver millions of small random read IOPS (Input/output Operations Per Second). ion's SR-71 SpeedServer was built on the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with terabytes of the fastest memory along with 10GbE, 25GbE and 100GbE server NICs in a compact, cost-effective, and low-power system.

ion SR-71mach6 SpeedServer(TM) image

As technology has progressed though, much of the technology developed by ion for the SR-71 SpeedServer™ family has become mainstream. Just 1% of all servers sold by ion in the last 5 years have included any rotating media at all. And so, the decision was made to discontinue the SR-71 SpeedServer™ family as a separate product line and focus on incorporatng those same attributes of very high performance and high capacity storage in our mainstream ion E1 & E2 servers. These servers feature the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, up to 4TB RAM and up to 700TB of NVMe SSD storage for the highest performance possible.

Sure, you can still deploy servers with spinning rust. But why? Pretend for a moment that the performance of an all-SSD server - very high IOPS, very low latency and amazing bandwidth - is of no value to your organization. What is the value of the higher reliability of SSDs? What tolerance does your organization have for downtime? For slow RAID rebuilds? Design your ion E1 & E2 servers with all-SSD storage for the highest storage and compute and memory and network performance possible.

In 1998, ION became the first company in the world to qualify as an Intel Authorized Solution Provider, the program now known as Intel Partner Alliance.  ION is a Gold Partner.

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